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Lori Kehoe

Lori joined the ReStore crew as a volunteer in 2009, where she met her now husband.  After the birth of their daughter, she was given the opportunity to join the staff and jumped in with both feet. With experience as an administrative assistant, retail sales manager, kitchen designer, and assembler of all things General Motors van, she has mastered many glorious pursuits of diverse ingenuity.

She is now furthering her education in the field of Business Management.

From volunteer to holding an assistant management position at the ReStore, Lori has grown with the affiliate and now fills the position of ReStore Manager.

In 2014 she became a graduate of Vision of St. Charles County Leadership and currently serves on the Board of Directors.

A whiz at used toilet sales and administering dumpster therapy, Lori is an integral part of the HFHSCC family.

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