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DIY: Cabinet Door to Breakfast Tray

finished productWho knew an old cabinet door had so much potential?  You can do a lot of different variations of this serving tray that we’ll talk about after the general steps.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Old cabinet door (it can be from a cabinet you’re removing during a remodel or the ReStore usually carries dismantled cabinet doors!)

—Any size door will do!  However large you’d like your serving tray to be in the end.

2. Wood cleaner (either spray or wipe)

3. Paper towels and a rag

4. Sandpaper block

5. High-gloss polyurethane

6. Desired color of paint for tray  (*Option:  add chalkboard paint for the center to write messages or menus)

7. Paint brushes

8. (2) large handles

serving tray with chalkboard

(Pictured above:  chalkboard option you can easily add to your serving tray.)

Step 1:  Clean Your Cabinet Door

Remove any old hardware that might be on your door.  If you plan on using the same hardware, remember to keep everything in a place to the side.

Wipe your cabinet door down with wood cleaner and dry it off with some paper towels.  This removes any excess dirt, etc. for when you’re moving on to sand your door.


Step 2:sanding cabinet door  Sand Down Your Door

Sanding down the front of your door will take off any accidental paint marks, a light layer of paint you had before and want changed, or imperfections.

*Pro-tip:  Apply an even amount of pressure throughout the sanding process.

Take your rag, make sure it’s damp, and wipe down the door.


Step 3:  Apply Paint

Apply two to three coats of paint on the door, allowing each coat to dry in between applications.

*If the goal is to have chalkboard paint in the middle, use painter’s tape to line the inside of your door.  Apply 2-3 thin coats of chalkboard paint, allowing each coat to dry completely before applying another.

Once the chalkboard paint is dry, remove the painter’s tape and carefully paint the sides of your door.


handlesStep 4:  Attach Handles

Measure, mark, and screw in handles.

*Pro-tip:  Get creative!  Find unique handles at thrift stores, repaint old ones, or use mismatching handles.  Let your project match your home and personality.




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