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DIY: String Wrapped Painted Jars


Painted Jars Final

String wrapped painted jars is one of our favorite DIY projects at the ReStore (and it’s pretty simple, too!).


Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Jars of any shape or size.

2. String and scissors.  (Non-fuzzy yarn/string works best depending on desired texture).

3. Flat spray paint.  Any color!  (Bring 2 colors if you want it two-toned).



Step 1:  Set Up Your Work Station/Get Jars Ready

Make sure you’ve got all your materials, including the area you’ll want to spray paint over.
Try to have newspaper or a cheap table cloth to cover where your jars will be drying after Step 3.step1

Your jars can be any shape or size–the more variety, the better!

-Wash out jars with warm soap and water.

-Take off any labels after the jars have soaked in your water and soap for a few minutes for easier removal.
(Pro-tip:  Goo-Gone is an awesome adhesive removal spray.  You can purchase this at any Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Lowe’s, Home Depot style store.  Read directions thoroughly before using.)




Step 2:  String Wrapping


-Take the end of your string and start tightly wrapping it around your jar in any pattern you desire. *The fuzzier the string, the more frays will stick to your jar after it’s been spray painted.  You can use twine, regular string, etc.

-After you’ve wrapped your string around the jars, tie and tuck the last bit of string under another piece.  Cut off the leftover remaining string.


If you would like a two-toned jar, spray paint your jars before applying any string.  Allow them to dry for 12-24 hours before returning to Step 2.



Step 3:  Spray Painting

step3-Set your string wrapped jars on your covered surface upside down and evenly apply 2-3 coats.

-Allow your paint to dry between coats for about 10 minutes.  If you’re spray painting in colder weather, remember that it will take a little longer to fully dry.

-Wait for your jars to be completely dry and remove the string by cutting it off.






Step 4:  Finish Decorating/Display

step4Add a tealight, or small battery operated light of any kind and find the perfect place in your home to display your new accent pieces.

If you’re making these special for certain holidays, add a touch of the season to it.  Colored purple and orange lights for Halloween would light up your porch or walkway perfectly.  Or get rid of the candle altogether, toss some candy canes inside or stocking stuffers, and wrap a bow around your creation.  Perfect holiday gifting!






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